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General Anesthesia Questions

What is general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a state of total unconsciousness resulting from general anesthetic drugs. This type of anesthesia can only be performed in a hospital operating room by an anesthesiologist.

Who needs treatment under general anesthesia?

Patients who need complete oral rehabilitation involving complex treatment, as well as those who are not able to handle treatment under normal office conditions. Therefore, patients with special needs are good candidates for general anesthesia. Parents who wish to have all treatment completed in one visit as well as patients with health problems are also candidates for general anesthesia.

Will it be covered by my insurance and what forms do I need?

Please contact our office to check for eligibility with your insurance. All forms will be provided for you here at the office with instructions.

At which hospital do you provide treatment under general anesthesia?

Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick NJ. Please visit their website at

How do you decide between conscious sedation and general anesthesia?

During an initial visit or consultation visit, you and the doctor will discuss the pros and cons of both forms of treatment and will then choose the best for your child.

You should plan on being with your child for the rest of the day after treatment. Some children go back to normal activities by the afternoon but most children sleep for the remainder of the day. They will need your supervision. Postoperative discomfort is minor and can be taken care of with Tylenol.

How long is the entire procedure?

Plan on being at the hospital between 3 to 4 hours from beginning to end. Also, plan on bringing someone with you so that your child can be supervised during the ride home.

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